UAE Food Blogs

Fooderati Arabia

Fooderati Arabia is a group of UAE food bloggers.  Here is a little blip taken from their “About Us” page:

“Welcome to our Fooderati world. We’re an informal group of bloggers, all living in the United Arab Emirates united by our subject matter – FOOD.  Eating out, eating in, cooking, baking, preparing, shopping, growing, picking or photographing food, you’ll find it all somewhere on one of our pages.”

UAE Food Bloggers

Because the list is forever being added to, I have just provided the link  from Fooderati Arabia.

I have many favorites though that I discover when I keep checking back to the main blogroll over there.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Anja’s Food for Thought

Arabic Zeal

Chef and Steward

Dima’s Kitchen

Dalia’s Kitchen

Ginger and Scotch

I Live in a Frying Pan

La Mere Culinaire


My Custard Pie

Nadia Masood

My Nappy Tales

The Fat Expat

The Hedonista

Yum Food Blog

2 responses to “UAE Food Blogs

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