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Fish of the UAE – Garfa (Indian Mackerel)

Today’s Fish of the Day is Garfa.

These silver with hues of green and gray towards the head area and along the top of the fish.  They are a close relative of a local fish called Dardemon (I don’t have  a photo of that one right now).  This fish is also a little plump around the body and very tiny smooth scales.

It is very easy to clean.  Just scale, trim off the fins. and gut the fish.  In our house we leave on the head when cooking.

These Garfa are small sized and have lots of bones so the best way to cook this fish is to deep-fry it.  The day my husband brought these home I seasoned them and then deep-fried it until it was crunchy.  The reason I deep-fry them like this is because of the small bones.  It is easier to just eat it all without worrying about choking on fish bones…but still you have to be careful.

More fish tomorrow, InshaAllah (if Allah wills).