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Fish of the UAE – Sall

Today’s Fish of the Day is Sall which is part of the Carangidae family of fish.  I think that the English name for this fish is Brownback Trevally (someone let me know if I am wrong.)

MashaAllah my husband brought home this fish and it is huge!  It weighs about 3kg!  I could barely get it to fit in the camera’s frame! 

Sall is part of the Jesh family of fish.  Like the Garfa from yesterday it has small, smooth scales and is easy to clean.  The body of the fish is tall from top to bottom and is silver with a hue of yellow along the head, upper fin, and tail.  If you notice at the tail area, there is a raised ridge of hard scales that run from the tail to the middle of the fish…this is characteristic of fish in the Jesh family.

Since this is a huge fish, it will be scaled and trim of the fins.  Then it will be cut from the top of the fish all the way to the belly and gutted so that it will make a “pocket”.  I will make a hashwa (stuffing) of herbs and spices  and place it into the “pocket”.

The recipe and how I will cook this fish follows in my next post, InshaAllah (Allah willing).

Be sure to come back tomorrow on more Fish of the UAE, InshaAllah.