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Marak Laham, Salona Laham, Meat Stew

This delicious stew is a regular lunch staple at my home.  I use lamb because this is preferred by us at home and when I cook with lamb the meat is more tender.  You could use beef if you wish but here … Continue reading

Spiced Tomato Rice

  This is a wonderful and an extremely easy to make and rice dish that is delicious on its own served with a side dish of yogurt as a complete vegetarian meal or as a nice complement to my version … Continue reading

Mitchboos, Machboos, or Makboos with Chicken or Lamb

Mitchboos, as I call it, is actually the boiling of rice in stock.  It can be made from chicken, lamb, fish or shrimp.  Mitchboos is delicious using any of the mentioned meats.  The recipe is quite simple and uses ingredients that are readily … Continue reading

Yellow Rice

This rice recipe is very simple. You will be using the stock from Fried Chicken Emirati Style to make this rice. This is my daughter Fatima’s favorite rice. Actually it is the only time I can really get her to … Continue reading