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Ode to Laban Up

Laban UpLaban Up is so much a part of the UAE culture.  Laban Up is a salty yogurt drink that is popular to have during snack time with a samoon and cheese sandwich or with chips Omani.  The fisherman bring it with them on their fishing trips to replenish their salt levels (sort of like a UAE gatorade).  Laban Up is also a staple during Ramadan Iftar.  It so delicious.

Ode to Laban Up

Laban Up Oh Laban Up!
Oh how my family loves you!
In the long, hot summer months
You are a frozen treat
Nothing else will do

Laban Up for a snack
In my child’s lunch pack
With a samoon sandwich filled with creamy cheese
My child’s stomach you will surely please

As a daily Ramadan staple
You will be found on our table
When we break our fast
We’ll have 3 dates on our plate
And Laban Up in our glass

When going out all day fishing
Laban Up is one refreshment
that will not be missing
You are a fisherman’s favorite for sure
After hours of pulling up the gargoors

Oh Laban Up, what would life be without you?
You are our favorite snack time drink
Tried and true.