My Ramadan Staples

Some people are curious as to what I stock up on and cook during Ramadan.  I actually don’t like to stockpile on the massive amounts of food that is being featured in the grocery stores.  Funny thing about Ramadan and shopping, all of the standard items are all boxed up foods and most are sweet stuff like cream, cake mixed, jelly mixes, custard mixes, soup mixes…It is a mix of mixes 

What I will stock up on and buy regularly is fresh dates, Vimto, and Laban Up (what would Ramadan be without these three?), Tang, some jelly packets, Nestle cream (for soups and desserts), Quaker oatmeal, some Maggi soups, samboosa wrappers…hmmm, and that is about it.  Everything else is basically fresh foodstuff.  I buy enough meat and poultry to last for at least two weeks so that I will not have to go to the store.  I will be making smaller meals anyway.

I really, really, really hate grocery shopping during Ramadan because of the crowds.  

Just the other day I was saying to my husband that the best time to shopping now is between midnight and seven in the morning just to beat the crowds and the heat.

Everyday for Iftar (the breaking of the fast), we will have dates, water, Laban Up, Vimto, samboosas, pakoras, some fruit like watermelon or cantaloupe, fruit salad, and a soup.  That right there you get filled up on.  Alhamdulilah (Thank God).  I will sometimes make big batches of Harees, Thareed, Madhrooba, or Arseeyah and share that with the neighbors.  If I cook those early they last for Iftar and Suhoor.

I will cook my husband a bigger meal like a rice dish and pack that along with things from the Iftar so he can take it to work with him.  He eats that for Suhoor.

For Suhoor, our meal will consist of either leftovers or some breakfast-type items like oatmeal, eggs, cereal, fruit, and water.

My daughter helps me in cooking up desserts during Ramadan.  This is the only time of year that we cook desserts on a regular basis.  Some desserts we usually make are Liqeemat, custards, creme caramel, poke cakes, brownies, and an Indian dessert called “Sevian” (I’ll post a recipe for that soon).

Writing it down, it all seems a lot, but it really isn’t.  I make just a little bit of this and a little bit of that..enough for that meal so we don’t have leftovers.

3 responses to “My Ramadan Staples

  1. Shareefah Yusuf

    I am so happy you have posted again! looking forward to learning from your recipes

  2. Shareefah, thank you…I am trying 🙂

  3. amazing ideas for iftar and suhoor meals. Thanks for sharing it again.

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