Ode to Laban Up

Laban UpLaban Up is so much a part of the UAE culture.  Laban Up is a salty yogurt drink that is popular to have during snack time with a samoon and cheese sandwich or with chips Omani.  The fisherman bring it with them on their fishing trips to replenish their salt levels (sort of like a UAE gatorade).  Laban Up is also a staple during Ramadan Iftar.  It so delicious.

Ode to Laban Up

Laban Up Oh Laban Up!
Oh how my family loves you!
In the long, hot summer months
You are a frozen treat
Nothing else will do

Laban Up for a snack
In my child’s lunch pack
With a samoon sandwich filled with creamy cheese
My child’s stomach you will surely please

As a daily Ramadan staple
You will be found on our table
When we break our fast
We’ll have 3 dates on our plate
And Laban Up in our glass

When going out all day fishing
Laban Up is one refreshment
that will not be missing
You are a fisherman’s favorite for sure
After hours of pulling up the gargoors

Oh Laban Up, what would life be without you?
You are our favorite snack time drink
Tried and true.


6 responses to “Ode to Laban Up

  1. Assalamu Alaikum! What a cute poem! Yeah, nothing like Laban up on a hot day or during iftar. May your blog be successful!

  2. Laban up reminds me alot of my childhood when i would drink it with Chips Oman – or when my sisters and i would stick a wooden spoon in it and freeze it in the freezer turning into a yogurt popsicle! yum!

    I haven’t had Laban up in ages until recently in the last three months – and i add pepper to it and drink it cold! its still the best local drink around and it MUST be drunk directly out of the carton! non of that new plastic bottle look or ”laban up with mint’ nonsense

    it has to be straight outta the fridge, from the carton! Lip smackingly good

  3. Thank you so much for commenting. 🙂

    My kiddos love to have the Laban Up frozen too. We never tried it with a wooden spoon though. They wait until it gets all slushy and then eat it with a spoon, LOL. I have to try it with black pepper that would taste interesting. I love drinking it in carton form too…they shouldn’t mess with a good thing 🙂 My favorite sandwich to eat with Laban Up is the “Omani Sandwich”…khobuz spread with kraft cheese and then a package of Omani Chips crumbled into the sandwich with a sprinkling of hot sauce…yummo!

  4. I LOVE this poem….such a true represeantation of the history of laban up. I shared it on my twitter feed.
    Thanks for this my dear.

  5. Shaima:

    Hello, Glad you liked it 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Good info. Lucky me I discovered your website by accident (stumbleupon).
    I have book marked it for later!

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